I don’t know how many of you ever got presents for your birthdays with coloured glass that represented your birthstone—but the idea of flowers, gems and constellations associated with a month is pretty fun.  And it’s a great way to take a walk through our gardens, mines and galaxies of socks!

January’s gemstone is garnet, which is normally a gorgeous deep burgundy (though also happens in yellow and a startling green!). Philippe Matignon’s red is called “garnet” (or actually, “rosso granata”) and I couldn’t think of a better name for this shade.

Multi-Lines Knee Highs
Lily Lace-Topped Knee High


It’s thought that the word “garnet” came from “pomegranate” and even if that’s not true, it totally could be. Our Dreamer Socks’ deep red shade is called Pomegranate, and we like it so much we’ve even got the 100 Inch Super Ruched done in the same delicious colour.

Extraordinary Striped Thigh Highs
100 Inch Super Ruched Socks
Dreamer Jacquard Ripple OTK


Each month has a couple of flowers to choose from, it all depends on where you are, really. But mostly it seems like January’s flower is the carnation. The original colour of the carnation is pink, but thanks to flower science and careful cultivation, they now come in a whole tonne of shades. But one thing makes a carnation what it is and that’s the layers of ruffle-y petals. Hmm, what do we have that has layers of ruffles?

Micromesh Lace Ruffle Tanga Short
Layered Tulle Petticoat


Of course, you don’t need straight up lotsa ruffles to get a ruffle-y look. Sometimes a textured sock and a good scrunch is all that’s necessary.

Dreamer Ruffled Stripe OTK
Textured Stripe Knee High
Keri Dimensional Stripe Crew


The constellation associated with most of January is Capricornus (more commonly known as Capricorn). It’s a fish-goat. Or a sea-goat, if you want to be proper. Since we don’t have anything that has mohair in it right now (mohair comes from Angora goats), I think Capricorn will have to be represented by things that don’t go together, yet totally do make one awesome whole.

Stance always offers some cool mixed packs of mixable, matchable socks. Maybe those Trilogy Midcalves are more like a chimera, since that’s made up of three different things instead of two.

Trilogy Midcalves
Mariner Midcalves

These Sock It To Me Toddler & Kids Two Packs are fun because they pair up some unexpected and adorable designs. You know that monkeys and dinos would hang out or that ninjas like robots. But did you know that ninjas also love cupcakes?


There’s still over half of January to go and a long way until spring up here in the Northern hemisphere, so keep warm! Unless you’re in the Southern hemisphere, in which case may I offer you some lightweight sock styles, if you don’t mind my totally shivering while I do.