When even 2-Day Express shipping is cutting it too close to the holiday, the safest way to get your loved ones socks is through the speed of the internet! Email gift cards are sent to the recipient as soon as your order payment is approved.

The only problem is, gift cards can seem kind of impersonal. Sure, you love socks and you know they love socks, but even the prettiest email gift card sort of pales in comparison to something sent through US mail. But it doesn’t have to!

First, let’s look at ordering an email gift card. They’re pretty straight forward. From the Gift Card menu, chose “email cards”, or you can click this link right . . . here. There will be a simple form to fill out.

You can choose what style of email gift card you’re sending, we have several gorgeous looks for different seasons and occasions. Then just fill out your info and the info about who you’re sending the gift card to. There’s even a space for a little note! (remember this for later, it’s key to really personalising a gift card!)


Things to remember:

• You can enter any whole dollar amount you want! So you can send $13, $27, whatever specific lucky number you fancy! •

• Make sure you have the right email! Double check that the email for the person you’re sending this to is right. We can’t fix it if you send it to a lucky stranger. And make sure your email is right too, so you can get a confirmation that it was sent. •


Tips on the rest of the email gift card process and a great way to personalise email gift cards after the jump!


Now, before you move from the gift card ordering page, it’s time to personalise it. Ever since we launched our new Advanced Search you may have noticed I’ve been peppering these Sock Journal entries with links to specific searches. It’s kind of great, if we’re talking about dyeing white nylon, I can make a search for white nylon. Or if we’re talking about what makes up a boot sock, I can make different searches for those variables that help define boot socks. It’s a pretty great system!

So to make this gift more than just digital dollars, all you have to do is think about the person you’re giving it to. Do they need sporty socks for larger feet? Pretty sheer styles that need garters? Gorgeous wool tights?

Go to the Advanced Search page and use the checkboxes to build a search that fits what you think they’d like. What’s great is that you can limit the search by how much things cost too, so if you’d like, you can limit your search to styles their gift card can afford.


Once you’ve built a search for them, just copy what’s in the address bar (you can ignore the “?pp=30&sort=best_match” bit, if you’d like the URL to look nicer).


Now paste it right there in the “your message” area. You only get 200 characters in the message area, but there is a countdown that can help you trim what you’re saying to fit the search and your note.


Now you’ve got all that entered click “preview” to take you to the Confirmation Page, which is what I like to call the “oh man double check EVERYTHING page.” Now is the time to check their address and your address and the message and the amount. You can easily go back and edit, so make sure it is all good.


Now add it to your basket and do the rest of your shopping or head on through checkout as normal.


Things to remember:

• Once you finish checking out, the email gift card will send. We can’t hold it for you. This makes it difficult to get email gift cards as presents ahead of time, but we have a tip for that in a minute. •

• After you’ve completed your order and the email gift card is sent, we can’t make changes. Unlike a regular order, where we might be able to catch it in time to fix a colour or size, email gift cards are sent at the speed of the internet, which is faster than even Sock Fairies can go. •


Your lucky recipient will get an email that looks like this (well, if you picked the Solstice theme), only I bet you’ll be more generous with them than I was to myself, and their gift code won’t be scrambled.


You get an email that looks pretty much like it, but has a banner on top that says “This is a copy of the gift card you sent to (whoever you sent it to).” You’ll also get an order confirmation email, just like normal.


Here are just a couple more tips and reminders for gift cards:

• Email gift cards are an automatic process; we don’t do a thing to them. Pretty much, they’re magic. •

• But! If you do find that you’ve mistyped the recipient’s email, call or email us as soon as possible, so we can update and resend the email gift card. •

• There is one trick you can use if you want to buy an email gift card now, but don’t want somebody to get it just yet. Type in your own email as the recipient email, then the email gift card will go to you. Then all you have to do is forward the email gift card when you want them to receive it. •


So if you’re still trying to figure out last-minute gifts, don’t despair!  Email gift cards don’t have to seem impersonal and we have to say that it seems like folks really love them—most especially when it’s clear they got them because someone wanted them to spoil themselves.