Last week our socks danced the first half of The Nutcracker ballet for you. After a brief intermission, the classic tale finishes this week—remember, if any of the principal players strike your fancy, links to the styles are scattered throughout the narration. Now, shhhh, the lights are dimming and the performers are coming out . . .


Traditionally, the nutcracker turns into a human prince after Marie helps defeat the mouse army. But Marie likes the nutcracker the way he is, so he stays the way he looks, but has a more royal bearing now. They romantically dance in the snow.



The nutcracker and Marie take a nutshell boat pulled by sharks across a sea to the Land of Sweet Socks.



When they reach shore they go to the  Sugarplum Fairy who was keeping an eye on things until Prince Nutcracker returned. They tell the Sugarplum Fairy all about how Marie helped defeat the mouse king.



The Sugarplum Fairy is impressed and puts on a show for Marie and Prince Nutcracker. First, cozy chocolate coloured socks and arm warmers dance with a capital “D.”



Then coffee stripes wrestle a little bit, because they’re kind of wound up on caffeine.



Candy cane-coloured red and white stripes twist about.



Floral socks, sheer and woolly put on a fashion show with some garters.



From under Mother Gigogne’s skirts dance her wee little children.



For the finale, the Sugarplum Fairy dances with her cavalier.



Full of joy, everyone dances together as Marie and the nutcracker watch.



But the dancers begin disappearing  . . .



And even the Nutcracker Prince leaves Marie.



And Marie is all alone.


She wakes up at the foot of the Christmas tree, next to the still broken nutcracker.



With determination, Marie goes back to sleep, back to the Land of Sweet Socks. If it was all a dream, what a sweet, sock dream it was!