The Nutcracker Ballet is a classic winter tale and there have been many interpretations. So we thought we’d have a go at reinterpreting The Nutcracker in socks. If any of the principal players strike your fancy, links to the styles are scattered throughout the narration. Let’s begin!


The scene opens on the Sockerhaus home, the tree of green DreaM Stockings has been decorated for the holiday in lights and ornaments with stars on top. Marie and her brother Fritz admire the trimmings.

The clock strikes and a mysterious figure appears. It’s Herr Drosselmidcalf!


He’s brought with him a wonderful toy, a fanciful nutcracker shaped like a soldier.

Marie is charmed by the nutcracker.

Fritz, to spite Marie, breaks the nutcracker. Fritz is a jerk.

After everyone else has gone to bed, Marie goes to check on the poor nutcracker still lying under the tree. She falls asleep.

The clock strikes midnight and Marie awakens, to find the tree grown crazy tall and the nutcracker bigger than she!

Suddenly, an army of mice appear, led by a ferocious king mouse.

The mice attack the nutcracker, overwhelming him.

Marie thinks fast and throws a slipper (well, she’s a slipper—so, herself) at the king mouse, knocking him out. The army of mice run away.


But what happens next?  Tune in next week for the socktastic conclusion of The Nutcracker Sock Ballet!