Holiday deadlines are approaching faster than a sled down a snowy hill, but don't panic! We're here to help you get your gifts shipped as efficiently as possible.

Please keep in mind that December is by far the busiest time of year for both Sock Dreams and USPS. We always do our best to get all orders out the door within 24 hours, but because the post office is also being flooded with mail from around the world, shipping times WILL increase the further we get into December. The simple trick here is to place your order early and select the right shipping method for your needs.

If you're shipping within the U.S. and hoping for an order to arrive by December 24th, our free first-class shipping should be speedy enough to cover you through December 18th.

Priority shipping gives you an extra day or so of wiggle room; you can safely order with Priority through December 19th for delivery by the 24th.

By December 20th, we highly recommend that you opt for 2-Day Express if you want to be absolutely sure that the package will be delivered by the 24th.

At this point in the season, our international customers will want to select Priority or Express International shipping for all orders with a holiday due date. Unfortunately, we cannot control how long Customs may hold on to an order during inspection, but placing your order with Priority/Express International shipping can often expedite the package's transit through Customs.

Even slightly belated gifts will still be appreciated, so don't let tricky shipping times ruin the fun and joy of your holidays. And remember-- if you're down to the wire and you've completely run out of time to ship anything, there's always our e-gift cards, which are emailed to your recipient immediately!

More information about our shipping options can always be found on our shipping information page, and we encourage you to contact us at any time with questions about shipping, gift orders, or anything else!