Ever wonder why faux fur and other fuzzies keep you so cozy? Well, every one of those little hairs or fuzz helps trap air, insulating you from the cold and trapping your body heat inside. Like a Thermos without the vacuum!

The weather here has been getting pretty cold and as silly as some styles may appear at first glance, more Dreamers seem to be cozying up to faux fur and other fuzzies and finding them fantastic at keeping warm.

Fuzzy fur is a great choice for keeping those toes warm at home. New Zealand Bed Sock styles are practically slippers (and some have treads and just are slippers!) and the plush, woolly fur that they’re lined with doesn’t mat, keeping fluffy and trapping that warm air for you!


New Zealand Bed Socks with Hearts
New Zealand Bed Socks with Polka Dots
New Zealand Bed Socks with Stripes


For more subtle daily fuzziness, the touches of silky-soft microfiber on these styles adds a bit of snuggliness.

Feather Cuff OTK 2-Pack
Cotton Legging with Microfiber Cuff


But, the ultra-ultimate in furry warmth has got to be furry leg warmers. Fabulous faux fur keeping you crazy cozy.


Wild Furry Warmers
Furry Lurex Leg Warmers


We’ve got lots more styles (and more due as the cold progresses) so try out the “Furry – Fuzzy” Advanced Search and check ‘em out!