with the celebration of winter solstice ahead we are preparing to stay warm (and dry) and enjoying the change of seasons with a new theme... our beloved Solstice theme, lovingly remodeled by hand by Yummy Wakame to take advantage of the many new features we've added this past year including last week's addition of multi-image capability. Some products will still only have one image, especially items we've carried for awhile because it will take time to fill them all in.

Back in the old days, when this was a simple hand made site using a simple program I could use any image, any size or shape, I wanted. But when we converted to a dynamic design consistency was required and we set the image size at a puny 200 x 300 px images to keep it lean. Last year we started adding larger images with zoom function and now we can also add multiple images, per color/size, plus we can also play with formats so horizontals and squares will start appearing in addition to our traditional "portrait" orientation. I'm even going back to throwing in some more artistic shots here and there.

Not only are we adding more images to our products on the site these days, we have been showing off our images, and images we like, in places like Pinterest, Chictopia and now Instagram... which, at this time, is just my snaps though our social media Dreamers will all still be keeping an eye in there for new favorite shots and catching comments and tags that I might miss in the flurry of socks that fly by in the average day at SDHQ.