Just like you’d think, boot socks (whether you leave a space between the words is sort of up to you, but you’ll get better results in our search if you use the phrase “bootsocks”) are pretty self-explanatory. Boots are hardcore shoes and need a strong and sturdy sock with a decent thickness.

Coverage-wise, boot socks tend to be either midcalf or knee high—just like boots. And just like boots, there some shorter versions. These three are closer to that nebulous crew height (see What is a Crew Sock for more info on that!).

EG ECO Hemp Birdseye Bootsock
• EG ECO Random Stripe Rib •
Organic Nuby Crew


We like bootsocks a lot. Our Dream Stockings house brand even has two boot sock styles! Both have terry inside for extra durability and cushiness.

M Bootsocks
Authentic Military Bootsocks


So sure, those are some bootsocks, but what are the factors that define a bootsock? Find out after the jump!


We have a Bootsocks category, but what socks you love to wear with boots might be different, because feet and boots are different. What it really comes down to is thickness, sturdiness, and comfort.

Thickness and comfort kind of work together. You want more sock between you and your hard boots to cushion your poor feet as you trek or hike or whatever. One of the best ways to ensure that your socks will be thick enough to cushion your toes well is terry lining. Those little loops are like fluffy shock absorbers. Searching for the pattern/texture attribute “terry” in knee highs and midcalves brings up a bunch of great possibilities! Some, like Gumball Poodle styles, just have terry lining on the bed of the foot. Others, like the Dream Stocking tubes, are terry lined all the way up to the lightly ribbed cuff

Punk Rock Knee Highs
Dreamy Knee High Tube Socks


Sturdiness is the real variable. How, when and where you get holes in your socks depends on the shoes (boots are a big culprit!), your feet and how you walk. A good way to look for sturdiness is to look for socks designed for sport. And we’ve got a category for that! You’ll find brands like the fantastic Dahlgrens—with their built in support and an amazing ability to stand up to wear and tear—and Stance, designed by and for skateboarders but perfect for anyone who puts their socks through the paces.

• Expedition Knee Highs •
• Plasticism Midcalf •


Comfort is different for everyone. Unlike sturdiness, it’s a little easier to tell right off if a style is going to be your thing. But it can be a little frustrating to poke around and see if styles have the attributes you need. So here are a couple common sock complaints and searches built to find you what could work. I’ve pre-loaded the searches to be for midcalves or knee highs. In some cases I’ve handicapped the search to bring up better boot sock options, like by adding “Terry” or “Sport” as a search term to narrow results. It’s up to you to play around with the results from there (colour, fiber, etc) to find what you’re looking for. The pictures are just slices of some of the goodies you'll find using these searches.


Needs to be fitted at the ankle: No tube socks!


Cushy without cotton: Terry-lined wool


Fibers that are good at dealing with moisture: ABC! Alpaca, Bamboo, Coolmax


Big feet! Small feet!: Styles with sizes


So what's your favourite boot sock? If it happens to also be one of your favourite socks of all time, then you should definitely check the Sock Journal out next week.