When you think of monsters, you probably picture the classics—Dracula, the Wolf Man, Frankenstein. How we mentally picture these creatures is mostly shaped by the early work of Universal Studios’ films from the first half of the 20th century. They made a lot of monsters, but I thought we could look at the classics and see what accessories and socks you’d need to finalise your costume (because I’ve been loving Zaffie’s costume posts on our Tumblr) and what else evokes their classic, terrifying style.

The ultimate classic monster, Dracula, didn’t ever really show socks. I am sure someone as aristocratic as the Count totally rocked classy cashmere midcalves, but nothing you ever saw on screen. Nonetheless, you can wear his vampiric, black tie look a little more campily (because really, Bela Lugosi is a little camp anyway).

Tuxedo Midcalves
Opaque Tights in Red


As old as vampires are werewolves, and Universal’s Wolfman (and the ground breaking transformation scenes!) is as classic. Transforming into this hirsute beast won’t take much trouble, or a full moon. You just need some appropriate accessories.

Harajuku Furry Warmers in Brown (we like these as muffs/arm warmers too) •
Fingerless Arm Cozy in Walnut Brown


Nerds know you don’t call the big green guy “Frankenstein.” Properly he is “Frankenstein’s monster” or, “THE MONSTER.” And he’s yet another sockless wonder. But I bet big ol’ feet like his would do best with comfy, terry lined styles like the M Bootsocks. Or! I bet he’d like something fun (and colour-coordinated) like the Sock It To Me Monster Midcalves!


The Monster’s lady, on the other hand, wears long fingerless gloves, or bandages that look like it. And you can rock her distinctive hair without breaking out the bleach by rocking those stripes on your legs with a little creative layering.

Simone’s Sleeves in White
Opaque Tights in White
Side Stripe Legging


Some more movie monsters and associated socks after the jump!

Now, the Mummy we’ve straight up got a sock for with the Ashi Dashi Mummy Crew. But what socks would be a less direct homage? Maybe wrap yourself up in the longest socks we’ve got and keep them up with some immortal Egyptian symbology.

Great Whites
Snappy Ankh Sock Garter


The Creature from the Black Lagoon is tricky. But a black net or crochet-look style layered over green tights should add some subtle scales to your look.

Eyelash Web Tights
Opaque Tights in Olive


The Invisible Man does rock one distinctive accessory that we carry and that’s a pair of gloves. Other than that? You could say that the Sheer to Waist Pantyhose are practically invisible, but I don’t think that would to the Invisible Man’s transparency justice.

Classic Satin Gloves


Some of these homages are subtle, so you could integrate them into everyday wear. I think a day knowing that you’re rocking some Bride of Frankenstein stylings would be fabulous! Do you have a favourite classic movie monster?