This weekend Sock Dreams will be trekking up the I-5 and paying a visit to the Great White North; that's right folks, we are bound for Canada! I'll be traveling, once again with The Jupiter Hotel to promote Sock Dreams and our shared organization, the Portland Geek Council at Vancouver B.C.'s comic and pop culture convention, Mega-comic Con. The convention will feature many Canadian comic book artist and celebrities from T.V. and movies, as well as several other vendors of a geek related nature. I am particularly excited to offer not only tax free, socks to our neighbors to the North. And, if you visit our table there, you don't have to worry about shipping, since they've only got to go across the table. In addition to ALL the wonderfully nerdy socks we love to sell at comic cons AND the discounted Dream Stockings I will be premiering two brand new styles not yet available on the web site. But you'll have to see us there to see what they are!

There are still passes available on the Mega-comic Con web site; so if you're in Vancouver B.C., come down the con and stock up on your warm and wonderful socks for the winter.

Yes you are, sock buddies!
Clockwise from top: Harlequin Diamond OTKs, Vortex Midcalves, SITM Super Hero Socks, SITM Dinomite Knee Highs.