A love of autumn colours made me jump the gun a couple weeks ago, with some fall colour wheels. But tomorrow is the Autumnal Equinox and the first day of fall. Days are getting shorter and nights are getting longer (and colder!). I thought I’d throw together a little gradient of dark and warmth, with the help of our wonderful new advanced search options. (hint, to play along, check "Autumn" from the Theme list and then start chosing colours, I went for Off White/Natural, Grey and Black—be sure to click "ALL" so you get more options!)


The days are still pretty bright and long, but I’m finding in the morning I want taller socks or light leg warmers until it warms up enough.

Diamond Rib Knee Highs
Harajuku Leg Warmers
Foot Traffic Ribbed Knit Leg Warmers

(I sort of cheated on the search terms here, because I've actually been rocking that yellow pair of Harajuku Leg Warmers pretty much every morning! They fit over my shoes easy, so when the sun hits the sky I can slip them off and rock my ankle socks.)


As the weeks go on, evening is going to start coming earlier and earlier and socks will get higher. Arm warmers will start to become a little more important to keep the chill out.

Extraordinary Thigh Highs
Harajuku Arm Warmers
Super Stripes Knee High


Soon, tights and leggings will be a necessary option. Maybe even tights with legwarmers or socks!

Cotton Legging with Microfiber Cuff
Foot Traffic Space Dyed Cotton Tights


And finally, it will be dark most of the day and cold, not chilly. Wool and other warmest things will be necessary!  We’ll be cuddled and bundled until the longest night of the year in December, when the sun starts winning the war again.

New Zealand Bedsocks with Stripes
Cronert Ribbed Wool OTK
Shaggy Stripe Leggings


Brr! I'm cold already thinking about it. Which is probably for the best, because it's still warm here. I just have to remember that soon that'll be just a memory.