There are a lot of so-called “rules” in fashion. Don’t wear certain colours together, if your hair is one colour you can’t wear these kinds of hues, don’t mix and match your metals. We at Sock Dreams say “BAH” to that! All of us Dreamers dressed up in different rule-breaking looks (with plenty of legwear!) to show you just how awesome breaking fashion rules can be.

You’ve probably all heard the “don’t wear white after Labour Day” rule. White is traditionally a summer colour and Labour Day marks the end of summer, so finito to white once the leaves start turning. Well, what about winter? Or any time you want a clean, monochromatic look? White is totally your buddy then, no matter what the season.

 • Nordic Sweater Legging
Sweater Style Over the Knee


If your hair is a redder shade and your skin is fair and freckled, then you’ve probably been told to stay away from red and yellow and other warm and vibrant shades, because it will “clash with your hair.” Well, a couple of the Dreamers have red hair and neither of them stick to the cool tones and neutrals that they’re “supposed to” and they look awesome!

Ruffle Striped OTK

Now, you may be like “that Dreamer only has red-tinted hair! Of course she can wear a bright red!” I suggest you hold onto your hat, because the next red-haired Dreamer cares not for your rules!

 • Striped No Show 2-Packs •
Erika Microfiber tights with the toe seam cut off, like in an early DIY


If you are not too shocked by our audacious fashion rule-breaking, join us after the jump for more!

It seems like a lot of fashion “rules” boil down to “don’t wear things that are similar but different.” So navy and black is a no-no (no matter how gorgeous it is)—


Opaque Tights
Longer Thicker Slouches


—and so is black and brown (though c’mon, look how amazing they are when you add a contrast colour like turquoise).

• Sadly, we just sold the last of the socks you see here! But if you dig these, you’ll probably love the Bea Polka Dot Crews in Caviar & Brown or Brown & Teal


No mixing patterns (even if it is super fun).

 • Girl’s Night Out OTK
Vortex Midcalves (which already mismatch on purpose!


And no mixing metals (silver! gold! bronze! copper! other alloys!) Doesn’t matter if it is totally fabulous!

 • Long Stretch Lace Gloves


But us Dreamers think that, with the right mindset and attitude (you are AWESOME!), anything can go together. I cannot describe how quickly everyone volunteered to put together a “rule breaking” outfit to give me examples.


Now. There is one last fashion rule that a lot of us break and which seems to cause a lot of argument. Open toe shoes (especially heels) with socks.

 • Color Tights
Purple Knees


Super controversy! Especially when you pair thicker and longer socks with shoes like this, not just skimpy anklets! But you know what? If you like it, rock it. That’s really all we’re trying to show  (besides how much fun we have dressing up). And if somebody gets on you about breaking fashion rules? You just let them know that you’re a rebel, and  they’re never gonna catch you.