Purple might not be Niq’s favourite colour—but she loves it enough that it tints a lot of what we see here at Sock Dreams, it’s even the shade of our logo’s luscious hair:

the first post about our logo in
this Sock Journal entry from February 2008


The socktopus on the windows at our old headquarters was a brilliant shade of purple:

more about our windows in
this Sock Journal entry from February, 2011

Our new building ups the ante by being a vibrant shade of indigo purple all over!

more about our new place  in this Sock Journal entry from July, 2012

More pretty purples and some extra exciting colour info after the jump!

You sure see a lot of purple when you search the Sock Journal archives! From styles that are no longer with us:

Sock Journal post from May, 2003
• Sock Journal post from
May, 2003
• Sock Journal post from
April, 2003


To styles we still carry:

Vertically Violet”, from February 2007 •
• “
Purple Dreams”, from April 2006 •
• “
Almost There”, from September 2009 •


With the new advanced search options, we can prove just how much we still love purple.

To tell the truth, we love all colours, but I am going to say that choosing “purple” in the advanced search brings up one heck of a lovely selection.  As excited as I was to see a colour search option be wwweloped, I never expected it to be so pretty!  And fun!

Did you know you can click the ANY" and the "ALL" next to search terms? That means you can look for ANY style that is either purple or red, ALL of the knee highs and leg warmers, whatever you want!


Have you been playing with the new advanced search options?  If you haven't, either click here or enter your search terms in the box at the top of the page.

What’s your favourite selection of pretty that your search has brought up?