Technically, crinolines are different than petticoats in definition.  They’re hooped cages that give skirts a shape. Though very popular, crinolines were heavily mocked during the height of their fashion in the mid 1800s. Too much skirt was apparently the issue. There are some pretty great old cartoons about it.

from Punch magazine, 1856, found on this Tumblr post

More great, nerdy info about crinolines is available here at my favourite fashion reference source,

Sock Dreams doesn’t carry crinolines, but we carry petticoats (which, to be fair, are sometimes referred to as crinolines)! Petticoats fell in and out of fashion as skirt shapes went from the fitted slim silhouette of the 1930s, to the full and fanciful 1940s New Look and the equally full-skirted 1950s, back to the slim mod shape of the 1960s all the way up again to super poofiness in the 1980s.

Petticoats have become an essential undergarment for styles like Lolita and rockabilly, but they’re also important for when you really just need to feel fluffy and fun.

Because our true focus is socks, the petticoats we offer are more fun than fashion. Though some are just perfect under skirts, others are better over something rather than under. We thought it’d be fun to show off the differences between all our styles. And because I’m a nerd, I figured stat cards might be the best way to do it.  Each image links to the petticoat featured!

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But what about our newest petticoat, the Witchy Tulle Petticoat Skirt with Train? It's a class unto itself, the kind of thing you wear over a skirt, with a light, floaty train that reaches to pretty much everyone's knees. Covered in petal shapes of tulle, with the same thick waistband elastic that makes the Rainbow Organza Tutu have so much body, it has in-your-face-flounce with a lady-like delicateness.

That's a lot of fluff!  If you need more petticoat than we offer, both in weight and length, we’ve heard the best dress and square dance petticoats are made by Malco Modes and the best place to get them is at Vivicore. But for some fun flounces or if you're looking to try out a petticoat for the first time, we've got plenty of pretty pettis to choose from.