One of our goals here at Sock Dreams is to offer fantastic, fun things to folks of as many sizes as possible.  So when we introduced the Lace Garter Belt & Thong in 2005, we brought it out in a plus size too.  Recently, we’ve noticed something that we weren’t too happy about.


Sharp eyes may have noticed that the Sizing Tips for the Lace Garter Belt & Thong almost read as more generous than the listing for their plus-sized version.  Can you tell which of the Sizing Tips is for a “one size” and which is for a “plus”?  Keep in mind that, on average, a US women’s size 16 clothing is on average designed for folks 34 inches in the waist and 44 in the hips.

The labels don't list any, so here goes: on small hips (under 34 inches) they will be cute but may not actually hold anything up; even on the tightest adjustment, the garter may slide down your hips. The good news: we found it stretched nicely to fit a 40 inch waist (45-inch hips) and will hold your stockings up just fine if you are medium/large.

Is that the plus size description? Or is this:

We've tested this out and found that it probably will only fit up to a US pant size 14 comfortably, maybe a 16 if worn at the waist.


Hmmm. Well, the first description is the Sizing Tips for the “one size” Lace Garter Belt & Thong. Which renders the so-called “plus-size” version pretty unnecessary.  We did a stretch test and, you know what? Both sizes stretched to the same amount. We've been keeping an eye on it, trying to see if it was a passing problem or not.


One of our Dreamers who measures about 40 inches where she wears her garter belt gave the “one size” a try and found it was comfortable and worked just fine at holding her stockings up.

(worn here with the Lycra Cuban Heeled 2-Tone Stockings)


We've decided to get rid of the Lace Garter Belt & Thong in Plus size, because they just aren’t any more “plus” than the “one size.”  The Lace Garter Belt & Thong is still a great garter belt for folks just trying the style or in need of a cheaper option, and now you know that it can fit better than you thought! For those of you looking for a little more substance, we have lots of options in lots of sizes in other garter belt styles.

I know you folks don’t read the Sock Journal for investigative journalism, but these facts had to be shared!  We do our best to catch sizing changes and determine if it is a passing problem or a continuing issue and update our info wherever we can!