It’s hard for me to believe that it’s been a year since the last yearly round up, let alone two years that I’ve been writing for the Sock Journal.  A year ago our Tumblr was just starting, now we have a giant social media team (seven platforms total!) who keep you all up to date on the latest in sock news.

Because I know I am biased about what I write and nerd about, I asked my fellow Dreamers what some of their favourite posts were this year.  The first one suggested was the Mother’s day post Something New for New Mothers.  We’d recently introduced maternity support tights and I thought that the comfort and support wonderful tights like these give new moms might be a good match for the holiday.


Of course, you can’t talk about new moms without mentioning dads and apparently I can’t talk about poppas without squealing over how adorable wee baby socks are when they’re paired up with larger-footed midcalves. So the pictures I took for Sock Ideas for New Dads were inevitable.


The recent Deep Sea Socks post was mentioned almost in the same breath as the mother’s day post—which tells you what we think is adorable: babies and multi-legged terrors from the deepest ocean.


Also mentioned was Frills and Lace for February, which compared some recent runway trends with much more accessible options that we carry and made the argument for wearing lacy sheers in the cold beginnings of spring.

I wasn’t allowed to forget the Socks on Film post, partially because I really need to get working on a post about socks on TV, but also because I think a bunch of folks started becoming way more aware of film characters’ leg wear.


Well, those are the posts that others dug. Want to know my favourites? Join me after the jump!

It should be no surprise to folks who know me that most of my favourite posts are informative. I love sharing information! I think my personal favourite is What is a Garter Clip?  It’s a tricky question with a tricky answer!


And I loved doing the post on dyeing, Ready, Set Colour. I very much look forward to doing one focusing more on dyeing nylon. It’s so easy!


I also had fun letting you know how to Wash Those Socks and Wash Them Well. Maybe a little because I got to use the phrase “kitty paws” to describe a washing technique.


This year also had three Friday the 13ths and with the Sock Journal updating on Fridays I just couldn’t let them go unmentioned. First I mentioned some Superstitious Socks in January, then in April I let you know that Size 13 Feet Don’t Have to Be Unlucky. Most recently, in July, I shared some suspiciously spooky good deals for $13 (and they’re all still $13!).


Whew! What a year! Thanks for reading and commenting, all of you make a fun thing even better!