We’ve carried Snappy Garters’ styles for a long time, beginning way back in 2004!  We still carry these first styles, I love that they’re all along a spectrum, the Snappy Spike Garters all sharp and stabby, the Snappy Heart Garters  hard but sweet and the Pom-Pom Garters so soft and fluffy.

• Snappy Spike Garters •
• Snappy Heart Garters •
• Pom-Pom Garters •


Unlike the other sock garters we carry, that fasten with buttons or hooks, the Snappy Garters attach with two snaps to keep them secure around your leg, with a little extra stretch if you need it.  Except for the below the knee designed Snappy Monkey Sock Garters, all styles fit legs 19-22 inches, which makes them great for below and above the knee.

Another old favourite (possibly premiering around Portland Pride 2007) are the Snappy D-Ring Garters! Originally plain black elastic with nickel rings, we’ve just introduced a fancier version with brass hardware, that even comes on a gorgeous maroon!


More Snappy Garter gorgeousness after the jump!

I know one of my favourites are the Snappy Big Button Garters. Oversize decorative buttons adorn them and they’re terribly whimsical, perfect for adding a little playfulness to any outfit and perfect for dolly dress up. They come in nine varieties, but here’s a taste of all the colour!


But what about days that you want the fun of Snappy Garters, but with simpler decoration?  We’ve even got a couple of styles with printed elastic.  First are the brilliant Snappy Rainbow Garters that wrap your legs in a joyful spectrum.  We brought these in for Portland Pride 2012 and we love them!  There are also the Snappy Monkey Sock Garters that have sweet little monkey silhouettes and are the little sister of all the other Snappy Garters, fitting 12 inches to 16 inches around.  They’re designed for just below the knee, though smaller legs can wear them just above.

• Snappy Rainbow Garters •
• Snappy Monkey Sock Garters •


The newest styles (that we've just added today!) are equally understated.  Simple metal charms on black elastic make the Snappy Dragonfly Garters and the Snappy Fleur de Lis Garters delicately beautiful addition to your accessories.


We love Snappy Garters and the past eight years of fun ways to rock keeping your socks up have flown by!  Have you tried Snappy Garters?  Were you rocking a pair back when we first started carrying them?