Since I took you to the moon last week, I figured I’d balance the scales by diving to the depths of the oceans for this week’s theme.  We’re pretty into cephalopods here at Sock Dreams. We’ve got a Pinterest board all about them, and quite a few tentacled critters show up on our invoice drawings too.

The Octopi Arm Cozies are a fabulous way to introduce some octopus awesomeness to your boring, sucker-free arms (not that arms are boring, really, but they’re not as cool as what cephalopods have for arms!). Hand made in Seattle, Washington, there are six gorgeous colours to choose from and they’re a size that works on small and large hands too!


For your feet, there are the lovely Octopus Knee Socks (available in two colours!) and the larger footed Sock It To Me Octosocks.


With all this octo-love it’s only natural that we teamed up with Raygun Robyn to create exclusive sock designs on our wonderful DreaM Stockings and Dreamer Socks.

Tentacle Sleeves
Tentacle Sock Scruffables

Tentacled Extraordinary OTKs
Tentacle Boot Socks


Of course, there are more fish in the sea! Join us after the jump for a few more styles (including some freshwater options).

For your straight-forward fish needs, we’ve got three socks that go swimmingly.

Mouthy Fish 3-D Socks
Sock It To Me Koi Fish
Shark Bite 3-D Socks


And if you need a breath of fresh air, then whales might be just the thing.

Sock It To Me Knee High Whales
Sock It To Me Whale and Ship


What’s your sea creature of choice?  If land animals are more your thing, there are lots of beasts to choose from in our Critter Socks category.  It’s pretty possible to have both a zoo and an aquarium in your sock drawer!