Space! We’re all pretty into outer space here at Sock Dreams, so a nerdy memorial day like the first moon landing July 20th in 1969 is pretty up our alley.  Since we’ve recently looked at star socks, I thought I’d mix it up a little.  So I put together some “colour” wheels of styles we carry that come in grey.  It’s amazing how many shades of grey there are!

Let's start with our most basic grey styles!

Clockwise from top: O Basics in Charcoal, O Basics in Grey, Solid Opaque Thigh High in Graphite, Extraordinary Thigh Highs in Charcoal, Extraordinary Thigh Highs in Grey, Bright Basic Tabi Socks in Grey


The moon isn’t smooth, so here are some great textured options.

Clockwise from top: Textured Cable Acrylic OTKs in Grey, Four Button Ribbed Leg Warmers in Charcoal, Cotton Slouch Socks in Charcoal, Diamond Rib Knee Highs in Charcoal, At Cross Over the Knee in Grey, Acrylic Slouch Socks in Silver Grey


Sure, the moon doesn’t have patterns or stripes, but what goes better with grey than more grey, or deep-space black?

Clockwise from top: O Chevrons in Charcoal & White, O Chevrons in Charcoal & Black, Foot Traffic Floral Tights in Platinum, Shaggy Stripe Leggings in Black & Grey, Super Stripes in Charcoal & Grey, Kayla Stripe Trouser Socks in Grey.


And for general out-of-this world grey, check out the 100 Inch Super Ruched in Grey.  They may not be long enough to get you all the way to the moon, 100 inches are only about 8 feet of sock, but—wait a second! Eight feet is a LOT. Maybe not space travel distance, but a lot for a sock!


Grey is a little more exciting than you’d expect. Maybe not as exciting as the moon, but close.  ;)