We're moved in and settling into our new Indigo building in Sellwood, just four blocks from our retail shop. After five years in one of the busiest spots in all of Portland we are happy to be in a quieter spot just a little off the beaten path... it is ever so much dreamier here!

And now, some peek-tures...
Photos do not do this exterior color justice,
but if you drive past where SE 17th splits off to SE Milwaukie you can't miss it!

Our old warehouse on Powell,
looking a little empty after being filled to the brim with socks, socks and more than socks.

Stock room manager Brenna getting our stock set up,
she had a schematic and knew where everything would fit in advance

From the loft in my new office I can oversee our entire stock room, with Dream Stockings being closest to me

Our new shipping center shortly after it was set up yesterday,
right now it is covered in orders being packaged by our ever-amazing shipping team

I'm wearing one of my favorite pairs of toesocks,
come to think of it, toe socks are about all I've been wearing lately...

...uh-oh, it looks like we are all out of this style. Now that we are moved I better get back to restocking!