2012 has already brought two Friday the 13ths this year.  In January we looked at spooky socks and in April we looked at sizes that fit at least a US men’s shoe size 13.  So what shall we do for July? Why not check out styles that are $13!

Maybe some hotels don’t have a thirteenth floor, but snuggled right between $15 and $10, $13 is a perfect price when you’re looking for a quality sock but don’t want to drop too much on one pair.  And even though we don’t have that many styles at that price point (hmm, and none of us are that superstitious even!) there’s something in all coverage levels for this surprisingly lucky amount!

Let’s start with crews and work our way up the leg!  The only things unlucky about these B.Ella styles are the folks who have to be jealous of you wearing them.

Reina Ripple Heart Crew
Mirelle Reverse Stripes
Sabina Two Color Argyle Crew


As far as midcalves go, these three styles are as sedate and cozy as can be.  That has got to mean that they’re hiding something, right?

Gaspare Men’s Crew Socks
New Zealand Bed Socks
Midcalf Contrast Toe Socks


Now, two of these knee highs may be a little spooky, but the only thing I’m scared of are the Cronert Fine Knit Trouser SocksCronert for $13? That’s a frighteningly good deal, which is probably why they’re almost out of stock (but don’t worry, they’ll be back in the fall)!

Muscles Tube Socks
Cronert Fine Knit Trouser Socks
Bat Attack Knee Highs


Ooh, I better not forget arm and leg warmers, don’t want them to haunt me!

Party Night Arm Warmers
Harajuku Leg Warmers
Fingerless Fishnet Layered Glove with Rhinestones


And to end this on a nice round number, the only thigh high stockings that are $13, the Boudoir Overlay Thigh Highs with Stay Up Top.  They have the habit of making legs look tragically gorgeous.


We won’t have another Friday the thirteenth until September 2013, but we’ll always have styles that are $13, if you want to try your luck at them. ;)