Though we know a lot of folks in warmer climes go sockless, just as many opt for a lightweight sock to wick away sweat and add a little cushion to summer shoes.  Last year I shared some short socks for summer, and we’ve also looked at socks for sandals—but the wonderfulness of socks is that there are always new styles!  So here are some of our favourites for dressing up your toes as the weather settles into summer warmth.

Some of the newest socks we’ve got are the Sweet Marcel anklets!  Though all they’re all lovely, these two are some of the brightest and most summery patterns:

Lucienne Anklet
Catherine Anklet in Blue •
Catherine Anklet in Pink •


If lightweight anklets are your thing for summer, then the soft and slubby Mary Waffle Weave Crew and the silky (16% silk!) Brielle Straw Weave should hit the spot.

Mary Waffle Weave Crew
Brielle Straw Weave Crew


Want less sock, but aren’t ready to go to half socks? Join us after the jump for short and sassy summer styles!

If you just need a little something to go between your foot and your shoe, you might find footies fabulous!

• Fifi Marled Ghost Anklets •
Check Pattern Footies (these are going away soon, so get them while you can!) •


Summer slippers and flip-flops mean toes! Short styles like these keep your toes comfy (and help wick moisture) but let you wear those summer styles.

Basic Five Toes
Performance Liner No Show Toe Sock


And, of course, now is the time for openwork patterns and sheers! Light little layers that let you dress up without warming you up.

Bebe Crochet Anklet
Sheer Pattern Crew


So, if you are still rocking socks, what is your style? Super short, sweet little anklets or open work patterns?