This was our sixth year at PrideNW and we levelled up this year by marching in the parade! Dreamers can be a shy bunch, so our numbers were filled out with family and friends, including a couple folks from the fire troupe Weapons of Mass Distraction, which our Dream Stockings Manager is a member of.


Our doggie contingent was represented by little Mr. Ferous, who rocked some socks from our shop, held to his harness with Double Grip Clips.  Though skeptical about the socks at first, he quickly forgot all about them because he was having so much fun walking in the parade!


Of course, we didn’t just walk in the parade, our booth was chock-full of socky goodness.


And our logo lady was set up for folks to give face.
You can see how well Niqkita rocked it in her latest News post.

We had a lovely time and we hope your local Prides have gone or go as wonderfully as ours did.  Even the temperamental Portland weather cooperated!  If you’re still in need of rainbows, we’ve got a bunch of new rainbow styles for you to check out, because remember: Sock Fairies want YOU to rock some socks!  For more pictures that we got during the event, check out the gallery!