We love sponsoring and tabling at Pride NW, this will be our sixth year doing it and we always have fun, even when Portland’s idea of summer means a constant drizzle (like last year).  This year should be even more special, because we’ve got a great surprise! Well, not exactly a surprise, since I’m talking about it here.  ;)

Maybe you’re familiar with our lovely logo decked out in rainbow socks?  We even have desktop wallpaper of her (along with her more monochromatically coloured variations) and the “Summer” variation of our gift cards sport the same rainbow thigh highs.

Well, this vibrant vision of rainbow-sockness will be at our booth (we're booth H1)!  No, not in the flesh, but as a peep-through board!  Also known as a face stand-in and “those boards with a hole cut out for you to stick your face through for pictures,” we’ve magicked up an awesome way for you to be our fabulous logo!

Even more fabulous, we're going to compile images of all the folks who peep through and play as our logo!  Forget plain ol' rainbows, it's going to be a spectrum of gorgeousness.

We had a lot of fun making it, Dreamer Rosalind (who you may know from our Pinterest and Facebook) did most of the work, including the wonderful lettering!

We were worried we wouldn’t get it done in time for Pride, but we harnessed our magical sock power and everything went faster as we got further along, from planning it out:

To laying down all those colours!

But we got it done and it's just waiting for you!

So if you see us at Pride NW, say hello and have a go at seeing the world through our logo’s eyes (or face, I guess!).