Almost a year ago, Niq mentioned our growing social media team.  Since then, Sock Dreams has expanded into a whole bunch of new fun social media.  We’re lucky, because all of us get to work in the styles that we like most (and talk about socks!)  I know that I do not have the brain to use Pinterest, so I’m glad we have other Dreamers who do!  Each platform or method we use to get the sock word out to you has a different twist, so I figured it was about time I properly introduced them.  And! There are a lot of fun photos scattered through our social networks that you don’t get to see unless you’re following us there.

First up is Facebook!  Our Facebook page is the oldest of our social network presences.  We update almost every day info on new items, upcoming items and local events we’re involved in. We also post lots of lifestyle images of Dreamers rocking socks with their everyday outfits, like this one of the Dreamy Bamboo OTKs!

Nothing makes our day more than when folks post on our wall with how they’re rocking their socks too!  Scroll down on our Facebook photo page and you can check our all our awesome customer photos.

What you might like most about friending us on Facebook is that it is often the first place you tend to hear about sales (we don’t often have sales, but when we do, they’re often Facebook-specific).  And if you’re a Portland local you can follow our Shop on Facebook too!


The next social media platform we turned our toes to is Twitter. If you want your sock news in quick bits, the Sock Dreams Twitter feed is the way to go. Links to new items, restocked styles, sock-tastic awesomeness and some of the sweetest Dreamers cheering on your socks.  And just like our Facebook, our Shop has a locals-specific Twitter too!


And we’re big fans of FollowFriday, so remember:

After having such a great time reaching out to all you wonderful folks on Facebook and Twitter, we decided to take the Tumblr plunge.  The Sock Dreams Tumblr is an endless parade of awesome imagery and inspiration.

We love answering questions and we especially love reader submissions, so if you’re following us on Tumblr, send us a snap of you rocking some socks!

Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr might be how Sock Dreams started getting into social media but we’ve added even more sock-ariffic goodness to your internet, join us after the jump to see where else you can find us on the web!


Even though we’re just getting started adding content to our YouTube page, we have big plans!  You might have already caught our spot for Film by Bike when we posted about it in the Sock Journal, but have you seen the short we made for Zombie Prom?


We love gathering and making sock-centric things, which is why we’ve sort of fallen in love with Pinterest.  Our Pinterest boards span all of our interests.

Invoice drawings!


Comparison Shots!




And so much more.


One of the newest areas we’ve entered is Google Plus.  We’re pretty fresh to G+, so if you’re on there, add Sock Dreams to your circles!  Right now it’s mostly an easy way to keep up with us across all our other social media, but we’ve got a lot of room to grow.

Okay, so we’re on Facebook and on Twitter. You can follow us on Tumblr and YouTube and we’re going wild on Pinterest.  We just started at G+ and hmm, that’s only six places to find us online. . .


Oh of course! Right here on the Sock Journal.  We’ve even got an RSS feed for you to add to your feed readers.

Thank you all so much for supporting us as we spread socky goodness across the web!