A couple weeks ago we released two tights into the wild with little more than their supplier images to get them going.  Our worry was that the weather for tights was drawing to an end and we wanted to get the Tatiane Diamond Microfiber Tights and Deanna Cotton Ribbed Tights out to you as soon as possible.  And, at $15 (on sale from $20), they’re the cheapest B.Ella tights we currently offer!

It can take a while to get enough pictures of tights with multiple sizes and we just couldn’t wait any longer to make them live.  So most of their pictures aren’t very exciting because they’re the ones we get from the supplier.  They’re kind of pretty in a minimalistic way.

Supplier images of the Tatiane Microfiber Diamond Tights


But, we know that pictures like that don’t help you know how something will look on you.  So a bunch of Dreamers suited up in these fantastic tights and we shot some quick snaps of everybody being fabulous.  We put them up in an album on our Facebook, but I know not everyone uses Facebook, so I wanted to be sure that folks who follow the journal know about these tights (and about what great models the Dreamers are!)

The Tatiane have the signature silky softeness of B.Ella’s microfiber and a unique diamond pattern that alternates between ribbed and solid in an almost chain-link look that was flattering on all our legs.

We found that they were snug going on, sort of like how support tights feel.  They fit everyone pretty well, but we think that if you’re not a fan of a snugger fit you might want to order a size up from your normal choice.

Solid-colour patterns like the Tatiane are a great option when you’re looking for a more sedate tight to pair with your outfit, but don’t want your regular ol’ ribs or plain solid colours.


If you do like ribs (and really, ribbed tights are a staple wardrobe item!), then the cotton Deanna are just your thing.  Check them out after the jump!

The Deanna Cotton Ribbed Tights are scary long. Legitimately startling.

But don’t be frightened away!  All that length means lots of stretch.  One of our testers found they even fit comfortably over her pregnant tummy!  Non-pregnant tummies who don’t like their tights too high can fold the tops down, they’re perfectly comfy.  We certainly enjoyed wearing them!

The Deanna are sort of texturally striped, with a slightly more open knit running between groups of ribs.  They make legs look long and even more fabulous.

I don’t know how long the Tatiane Diamond Microfiber Tights and Deanna Cotton Ribbed Tights will be available or on sale, so even though the weather is warming up (and is well beyond tights season in some places!) you might want to grab a pair while you can and set them aside as a pick-me-up once we’re on the other side of summer.