Last year I suggested some lightweight socks that make the transition from cooler to warmer temperatures, but our Lightweight collection and our Spring collection have a lot more perfect options for layering as we make our way into real summer.

Lightweight over the knee socks are a great choice for springy weather and they keep rocking when you layer them over coloured tights when the weather cools down.  I’m a big fan of combining lighter-weight tall socks with warm leg warmers in the morning. Then later, when the sun asserts its dominance, the legwarmers can go into my bag and my lightly clad legs can continue being comfy!

The Vertically Inclined Stockings are probably one of the ultimate lightweight sock options, with subtle, almost-openwork that keep your legs from suffocating in warm temperatures.  And probably my current favourite legwarmer are the Harajuku Furry Warmers—mine are getting a little beat up, even, from how much I wear them.

Openwork over the knees are a great layering option for this trick. These three are some of our favourite and most popular:

Open Crochet Over the Knee
Crochet Lover Over the Knee
Havana Thigh High


We offer a wide selection of leg warmer weights, from barely-there to super cozy.  For this layering trick, shorter styles are best, with less bulk.

Pia Marled Popcorn Stitch Leg Warmer
Ribbed Knit Leg Warmer
Super Warmer – Long


If you want a little more coverage that is just as light, a lot of the styles in our Frills & Lace post in February are just as perfect now as earlier in the year, only now you don't need to layer solid tights under them!

A couple more styles that are great to layer with after the jump!

The soft as a dream Wrinkle Press Knee High are a great transitional layer.  Pair with tights, or leggings—like the Foot Traffic Floral Leggings—for a little bit of peek-a-boo layering.

These ultimate lightweight, semi-openwork knee highs even have an almost perfect arm warmer match in the Ethereal Arm Warmers, which are also great layering options for late spring.  Arm warmers in general are great for any in-between season, adding that extra bit of warm while the weather figures out where it’s going.

Harajuku Garden Arm Warmers
Leopard Texture Arm Warmers
Chevron Sleeves


There are a lot of layering possibilities, do you have a favourite pairing to keep your legs warm in the morning but comfy in the afternoon sunshine?  How are your socks greeting the change in seasons?