Before we dive into talking about maternity tights, I do want to note that you don’t have to have been pregnant to be a mother, of course. A lot of folks fill the role of “mom” and it’s those wonderful folks who inspired us in putting together our Mother’s Day Favorites collection.  Loving Omas, mothers-in-law, older friends and mamas, give them an extra hug on Sunday—and if you haven’t been able to find the perfect thing for them yet, you still have time to send an email gift card!

Now, about those maternity tights!  We’ve been asked about maternity tight options and recommendations over the years.  It’s tough to have your body change so dramatically over such a short time, requiring new, comfortable, additions to your wardrobe.  Nor is it fun to feel like how you dress is limited because of what options are available for your growing tummy.  So we’re glad that we have found not only the light support maternity tights from Therafirm, but have found some “regular” tights that work well with a lot of pregnant bellies.

We’re excited to offer the Preggers Maternity Light Support Tights, designed especially with pregnant folks in mind.  They have a unique top that should fit all stages of pregnancy.

Both the tights and the Preggers Maternity Light Support Footless Tights  have built-in light support.  Their 10-15mmHG gradient compression in the legs helps with swelling and fatigue.  “Graduated compression”  has the most support at the ankle, decreasing in pressure as they go up the leg, encouraging better bloodflow.  In the tummy area a support panel gives added stability and the stretchy top can be worn folded or unfolded to cover the belly.

These styles from Therafirm are pretty fantastic, with reinforced toes (well, the footless tights don’t have toes!) and wicking ability to make them as comfortable as possible.

Solid tights are great, but what if you want wool tights, or something pretty and lacy?  Join us after the jump for more options that aren’t designed for pregnant bellies, but fit them fine anyhow!

The Dreamer who decided to try on a couple of styles for us to see how they work with a full-term tummy is regularly a size 6 pant and the widest part of her belly right now (at 36 weeks!) is 41 inches.  She’s a pretty standard “medium” size in most clothing, but what we found will work for petite and larger folks as well.

Overall, what we found is that, for certain styles, buying a size up from your regular tights size will give enough leeway to make it over a pregnant belly.  You’ll also want to keep an eye out for flat, comfortable waistbands.  How sensitive your tummy is and how you carry the baby varies from person to person, so feel free to drop us a line with any questions.  Don’t forget to read the Sizing Tips, they’ll help you know what your non-pregnancy size would be.

If the “one size” Color Tights fit you well, then picking up a plus size pair should be just the thing to add a little brightness to your maternity outfits.  The waistband goes up comfortably over the baby bump.  From our experience, unless you’re more petite, the plus size will still fit you after baby is born, they’ll just be more opaque and go up higher on the waist.


Buying a size up of the Erika Microfiber Tights works the same way.  If you’re regularly a Small, choose a Medium; if you’re a Medium, choose a Large.  We’re also expecting an Extra Large option for the Erikas in the Fall!  We have no exact dates yet, but we’re excited to add the extra range to a favourite style of tights.  Just like the Color Tights, the waistband goes all the way over the belly.  Our Dreamer found the wonderful waistband of the Erika to be super comfy.


Another comfy B.Ella style that works with pregnant tummies when you buy a size up are the Woolissimo Tights.  Though their waistband is just as stretchy and comfy, it doesn’t go all the way over the belly, but our testing Dreamer said it was just as comfortable and stayed up well.  We sadly don’t expect them to be available in an extra large option any time soon.


Two more B.Ella styles that will work, and are especially great if you want a little fancy prettiness, are the Codori Crochet Tights and the Patricia Merino Crochet Tights.  Remember to buy a size up, the Patricia (pictured below) are even available in an Extra Large!  They will fit closer to how the Woolisimo do, not making it all the way over your belly.

Now, we haven’t had a chance to test these two styles, but their wonderful stretch, how high they hit on the waist and how comfortable their waistbands are make them great candidates for maternity tights with a little more sass.  Even though they’re only “one size”, the Medallion Tights blew us away with their stretch.  Because they’re just the one size, they’ll keep on keeping you sexy through pregnancy and after.  Nothing is quite as annoying as all those clothes you have to buy just to wear for nine months!


The Leg Avenue Striped Tights should work well too.  We’ve recently compared how the three sizes fit on the Sock Journal and, just like the Medallion Tights, they hit the waist high, have lots of stretch and a comfortable waistband.


Remember, buy a size up, look for styles that hit high on the natural waist and have a comfortable waistband when you’re searching for “regular” tights that can fit your new, pregnant shape.  And if you don’t want any hassle, go for the tights made just for you like the the Preggers Maternity Light Support Tights.