At first it sounded like odd placement to me... but in a city that prides itself on public transportation and gets a healthy amount of rain for most of at least 8 months every year it started to make sense. Show people dreamy pictures of our comfiest socks while they get where they are going right here in Portland Oregon.

Bonus ad, locations to be determined.
(Currently at NW 23rd & Thurman)
I shot this on 5 dreamers of varying gender & sizes wearing Harvest Rainbows in my office.

I got to sit in with Zaffie on the planning of locations, which side of which shelter and during which months they'd run. Just as it got to the image planning stage I was increasingly distracted by my mom's cancer diagnoses, it would be her third and final battle with cancer and I needed to give her my full attention.
Seeing these images of our ads on the streets of Portland has been one of those [many] times I miss being able to tell/show her things. She was always my biggest fan and was immensely proud of what I created here having been my original inspiration for seeking out fun & unique socks as well as always encouraging me to visualize and follow my dreams... yeah, tangents are easy these days,
so back to happy pictures of dreamers in socks...

Currently up at SE Belmont & 30th
I shot this of myself wearing seafoam O Basics up in a tree in our old backyard where we ran Sock Dreams out of our awesome basement for two of the five years we lived there.

Five images were selected, and though I completely missed the deadline to check in and state my opinions on which images were chosen and used, they were the exact ones I would have picked! one from the old days when it was just me and a camera, one I took of a diverse group of dreamers last year and three shot by our warehouse manager extraordinaire Brenna, specifically for this project...

outside Jeldwen Field on SW 18th & Morrison.
This is a pretty busy spot on game nights and though I'm not really a sports enthusiast, I think the setting and image work wonderfully together. This one features an assortment of our US made Dream Stockings and was shot on the steps behind our warehouse.

This one is supposed to be at SE 30th & Belmont...
so we're still looking to see where it actually is

And this lovely should be outside one the Starbucks on NW 23rd...
we'll find you yet!

Both of these last two ads feature our Extraordinary US made Dreamer Socks on an assortment of Extraordinary Dreamer's legs shot in and around our headquarters here in Portland.

We'll be having more fun with these ads in the near future which we'll be posting on our various social media outlets as they come up, we'll even update here in the comments for those of you still avoiding every other method of social media known to humankind.
Just follow any of the links at the bottom of the list above on the left side of this page to find us...

With love, gratitude and warmest toes...