May fourth is a special holiday for a certain type of person.  Y’know, nerds and geeks.

Nerd Knee Highs
Geek Knee Highs


“May the fourth be with you” sounds like a key phrase from a very popular science fiction film series—what’s the tagline from that movie? “To go where no man has gone before?”


Just kidding!!

We’re good nerds here at Sock Dreams and know that of course the Star Wars tagline is “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...”  So for Star Wars Day, I thought we’d use our hyperdrive to warp through some star socks.

Snappy Star Garters
Lurex Star Leg Warmers


Star Laces
Neon Night Sky OTKs


Sock It To Me Space Knee Highs
Star Crews


Sock lovers and Star Wars fans alike, may the “fourth” be with you and remember—these are the socks you’re looking for.