Not too long ago, Sock It To Me blogged about famous socks and it got us thinking about notable socks on the silver screen.  This isn’t a comprehensive list, but it’s fun to realise how big an impact legwear makes in a movie without the audience necessarily realising it. We Dreamers put our heads together to think of our favourite instances of socks on film.

Funny enough, the first thing I thought of were Mrs. Robinson’s stockings in The Graduate.  This is from 1967, so they’re actual stockings, not stay-ups or thigh highs.  They’re so key to the film and character design that if you run a search for “The Graduate poster” about 90% of the posters that show up have Mrs. Robinson’s stockings right in the foreground.  For a similar sheer and sexy stocking, the Sheer Lace Top Stockings with Backseam in Black are a safe bet.


The very next thing I thought of was Clueless.  Maybe Cher doesn’t rock the craziest socks, but she does know the benefit of properly accessorising with knee highs.  The Opaque Solid Nylon Trouser Socks are a perfect match for accessorising Cher’s preppy looks.


Here’s where the other Dreamers stepped in and helped me think of more movies! A far more classic sock, that I cannot believe I didn’t think of, is the black and white striped number we see on the Wicked Witch of the East, after Dorothy’s house smushes her in The Wizard of Oz.  The N Stripes in Black & White are a sure bet for a match.


More films with socks as co-stars (or at least in cameos) after the jump!

Okay, well these aren’t socks, but we had to include the gloves John Bender wears in The Breakfast Club.  The Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves we carry may not be a perfect match, as they’re not net on the back, but they’re in the same spirit.  Though I couldn’t get a good image of it, Allison sports black tights and slouchy short socks like the EG ECO Organic Nuby Crews.


An obvious choice is Whip It.  Set in the awesome world of roller derby (and we love roller derby!), there are cool socks galore.  The Hurl Scouts tend to rock solid green tights like the Color Tights in Dark Green, but I also see some things that remind us of  rainbow knee highs, striped knee highs and maybe even some Gumball Poodle!


Speaking of the Color Tights, the Merlot is a pretty good match for Ramona’s legwear in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.


I’m going to confess that I’m sort of into film costuming and have a terrible habit of focusing on the legwear in a movie, trying to figure out who makes it.  This makes it even more exciting that we got to help Ashley Russell, the costume designer for Fat Kid Rules the World, by donating socks for use in the film.

Once you start noticing socks in film it’s hard to stop!  What movies do you love that have great character socks and stockings?