At Sock Dreams we try to be conscientious about the materials our house brand socks are made with.  The cotton styles of our Dream Stockings are made with recycled cotton.  What is recycled cotton made of? Well, it’s not made out of used clothes, it’s produced from threads and associated scraps left over from clothing manufacturing.  All these little bits are sorted by colour, turned back into fiber and spun into fresh new thread!  So instead of being waste, they’re given a new life and become new socks (which has got to be better than being a t-shirt, that’s for sure!)

These are just a couple of the recycled cotton content styles you can find in our Dream Stockings.

Super Stripes
Boy’s Socks
O Chevrons

Our Dreamer Socks have another interesting kind of recycled fiber, the cotton blends are made from an 85% mix of regenerated cotton/acrylic/polyester. What’s “regenerated?”  It’s just another way of saying that the fiber used in these socks is also saved from scraps that would have been just thrown away!  So “regenerated” or “recycled”, our Sock Dreams brand socks are doing their best to reduce, reuse and recycle!  These are just three of the regenerated fiber blend styles offered in our Dreamer Socks.

Dreamer Jacquard Ripple OTK
Harlequin Diamond OTK
Extraordinary Vertical Striped Cotton OTK


Of course, we have way more socks than just our house brands, and a lot of them are eco-friendly.  Join us after the jump for more styles that love the earth and your toes!

One brand we carry that uses a lot of recycled cotton are the adorable, bright styles of QT Feet. With fun fairisle, pretty plaids and more; available in crews, knee highs and super comfy shorties.

Sunrise Shorties
Contrast Three Stripe Knee Sock
Picnic Plaid Crews


But it’s not just your toes that can be eco conscious!  These great arm warmers all keep the earth in mind, the Una brand uses several smart fibers including organic cotton, too!

Knit Mitts
Winter Meadow Arm Cozies
Wonderland Colorblock Arm Warmer


A favourite brand of ours, EG Smith, has their own line of eco-friendly options that use organic and recycled cotton.  They even donate portions of their profits from these styles to organisations that support an end to global warming!  With gorgeous patterns and textures, the EG ECO line is pretty and popular when it comes to socks made with an environmental conscience.

EG ECO Organic Nuby Crew
EG ECO Ginkgo Leaves Crew
EG ECO Slinky Knees


EG ECO also offers socks in wonderful hemp.  Any good sock lover knows that hemp is more than just what some folks associate it with.  Sturdy, lightweight and absorbent, hemp socks are great for warm weather and socks that last longer.

EG ECO Hemp Birdseye Bootsock
EG ECO Natural Hemp Crew Socks
EG ECO Rolltop Tapestry Crew


All these styles are just a drop in the eco-friendly bucket of smart styles that reduce, reuse and recycle resources to provide wonderful socks!  We have lots more in our Eco Friendly collection.