Did you know that there are three Friday the 13ths in the year 2012? Since we already looked at superstitious socks, for April’s I thought we’d look at what styles and suppliers work well for folks with larger feet. And not just regular larger feet (which, if that’s what you rock, check out our Larger Feet collection!), but that often troublesome size of feet US men’s shoe size 13 and above!

Anybody at extreme ends of size scales has problems finding things that fit and that they like.  Often you get used to wearing something that doesn’t quite fit and is a little uncomfortable, because it’s the closest to “right” that you can find.  We can’t guarantee that these styles are going to fit every US men’s shoe size 13, because feet come in so many shapes and sizes, but we want to give you options to work with and places to start looking.  There are brands that you can rely on having size 13 options, a couple of styles that fit higher than a US men’s shoe size 13 and it’s worth giving tube style socks a chance.

Let’s start with three socks with formed heels that are sized to fit larger than a US men’s size 13!  They may be plain black, but they run a range of styles. If you're looking for something taller, the New Zealand Sock Lady Merino Thigh Highs also have a size that fits US men's shoe size 14.5+, they're the Extra Large, green banded, version.

Authentic Military Bootsocks, Black and Olive are available in an Extra Large that fits up to size 14 •
• Wool Liner No Show Toe Sock, the Extra Large fits 13+ •
• ToeSox Toeless Ankle Socks with Grips, the Black come in an Extra Large that fits up to size 14 •


But what brands are good for larger feet? And are there tube socks that aren’t super boring?  Find out after the jump!

B.Ella midcalves (or “men’s socks” see What is a Midcalf? for more info) are sock size 10-13, which we’ve found fit men's US shoe size 8-13.  We even know folks with narrow US men’s shoe size 14 who can rock the Maniche Tweed Boot Sock comfortably!  One thing to keep in mind with high wool content styles like these is washing them carefully.  Handwashing, like we’ve shown you in the Sock Journal before, is key to making sure you don’t lose that very important stretch that lets the socks fit your feet!

Enough babble! Here are some of the cozy and cool midcalves B.Ella offers.

Franco Wool Boucle Striped Midcalf
Gaspare Men’s Crew Socks
Cesare Cashmere Blend Dot Socks

 Now remember, when you’re looking through their styles, even if you see some feminine feet in the product shots for midcalves, don’t assume they’re dainty and remember to check the Sizing Tips!


Another brand to remember, especially if you’re into toe socks, is Injinji.  All of their styles are sized, and their Large fits US men’s shoe size 11-13. They have several great styles and lots of colours in each style, but here are some favourites:

Eco Performance Rainbow Quarter Crew Toe Sock
Performance Liner No Show Toe Sock
Performance Liner Crew Toe Sock


RockNSocks’ midcalves also fit up to a US men’s shoe size 13, so if stripes are your thing, they’re one to check out!

Uma Striped Crew
Calliope Striped Crew
Apollo Striped Crew


For amazing sport socks that are just as great daily socks, Dahlgren has three sizes that come in an Extra Large that fits US men’s shoe sizes 10-13.

Expedition Knee Highs
Metro Argyle Midcalf
Thin Compression Knee High


Now, ToeToe is a little tricky.  Their sized styles don’t fit up to a US men’s shoe size 13, but their larger footed midcalf options do.  Make sure to read those Sizing Tips!

Contrast Midcalf Toe Sock
Striped Midcalf Toe Sock
Argyle Midcalf Toe Sock


One last brand to look at is Tabbisocks.  They have three styles of tabi (y'know, "ninja socks" ) that fit far larger feet than the sizing label says.  Both the Bright Basic Tabi and the Fuji Mountain Tabi have been tested on a narrow US men's size 14 foot and fit great!

Kabuki Tabi Socks
Bright Basic Tabi Socks
Fuji Mountain Tabi Crew


Okay, but what if you’re larger than a US men’s shoe size 13, or you have wide feet, or just want more options?  Tube style socks may be the way to go.  With no formed heel, they can accommodate a wide range of foot sizes.  There are two things to keep in mind with tube style socks:


How long is the sock?  A sock that is a knee high in the product picture may only reach mid-calf on larger feet, which means that a midcalf style like the Terry Loop Wool Walkers Toe Socks may be more of a crew or an anklet, even if you’re getting a size Large.  Check the Sizing Tips for the styles you’re looking at to find out how long the socks are.


How wide is your foot and calf? Wide feet often mean larger calves and you’ll want to check the Sizing Tips to find out the calf and cuff stretch for the socks you’re interested in.  It’d be no fun if the sock you find is long enough, but doesn’t have the stretch you need.


That said, here are three tube styles that may be just the thing.

Mardi Gras Rainbow Toe Socks
Muscles Tube Socks
Dreamy Knee High Tube Socks


Right now we don’t have a “search by size” option on the site (yet!) because socks fit a range of sizes and how wide or narrow your foot is can scoot you into a different sock size pretty easily.  Like any tricky fit question, you can drop us a line if you are looking for something specific.

Do you have larger feet?  What styles of ours do you like to rock?  We know some folks have to look outside of Sock Dreams for larger foot needs, what are your favourite sock resources for US men’s shoe size 13 and above?