One thing that can be kind of difficult when writing the Sock Journal is that you end up having to talk about the same holidays a lot. I want to help you folks find St. Patrick’s day socks that are new and different, but I did too well showing off all our green socks last year, so now I don’t know what to show off!   Sure our St Paddy’s collection has your classics:

Rugby Stripe OTK
Harajuku Arm Warmers
Sock It To Me Clover


Plus there are green gradients in a lot of our tie dye styles:

O Tie-Dyed in Marbled Tropical Forest •
Tie Dyed Tights in Green Bananas •
Tie Dyed Fingerless Gloves in Camo Greens •


It’s just that it is traditional to wear green to represent Ireland on St. Patrick’s day, and while we do have a few gorgeous new green styles:

Vertical Stripe Printed Tights
• Sabina Argyle •


There’s nothing new with clovers.  A couple of our St. Patrick’s day styles are even going away! Actually, I’m kind of taking a chance they’ll even still be in stock when this posts!

• Lucky Clover Thigh Highs •
• Shamrock Midcalves •
• Striped Thigh High with Buckle Top •


Well, we are seeing a lot of folks picking up rainbows for their St. Patrick’s day celebrations.  It’s a neat reinterpretation of Ireland and luck.  These three rainbows go great with your green especially:

Checkered Neon Chaos OTKs
Over the Rainbow Thigh Highs
Rainbow Dreams


Hmm, it looks like I was able to find some socks to share with you folks after all!  St Patrick’s day is next Saturday, the 17th, so you’ve still got a week to get your green on!