Lacy, lovely, lace up!  Not enough suppliers offer a good lace up option, but we have pretty much every version we can get.  There’s just something wonderful about bits of ribbon adding the perfect finishing touch—in a pretty bow, of course.

If you want just a bit of cute complication in your clothing, the Lycra Sheer Cubans with Lace Up Tops are just the thing. A little lace, a lot of sheer and just enough ribbon to perfectly top those backseams.

Of course, you’ll need something to hold up those stockings, so why not the Escante Satin Garter Belt?  Like the lace up bits on the stockings above, these ribbons are decorative and don’t really adjust the fit, but who says everything has to be useful?



If you want a little more commitment in your lace up styles, these three require a bit more finagling to get just right—the Opaque Thigh Highs with Lace Up Back on the left come to you unlaced (which is nice if you want to just put your own fancy ribbon in right away!).


Opaque Thigh Highs with Lace Up Back
Lace Socks with Ribbons
Fishnet Fingerless Lace Up Gloves

After the jump, some faux lace up options  for those situations when you need something as fancy, but less fussy.

Sticking with stockings, these two styles offer the intricate look of a lace up, but none of the bother!

• Faux Corset Cuban Heel Pantyhose •
Lace Top Faux Lace Up Stockings

If you’re looking for something more sock like, the Faux Ballerina Crews and the Fairytale Knee Highs offer a little bit of a lace up look, and the Keyhole Corset Laced Leg Warmers are "laced" with a stitched-in elastic, for all the look and none of the worry!

And while we’re talking ribbons, if you want to just tie on something wonderful, we have two great accessories just for you.

Lace Trimmed Striped Satin Bustle
Boot Cuff Warmer


No matter how involved you want your socks to be, we have you covered, from thigh high laces to just accents, pretend lace up looks and things that need just a bow.