I will say this for Valentines day, I like seeing all the lacy decorations.  I'm not a very girly person, but I have one heck of a soft spot for lacy bits and stockings that don't keep you warm.  It’s not just me that’s feeling frilly and fancy, earlier this winter Style.com had an article (and slideshow) about “elaborate hose” showing up more often on the runway and on celebrities.

images above from Style.com, but similar styles are:

Medallion Net Tights
Faux Garter Look Pantyhose
Lacy Faux Lace Up Knee Sock

This, as any dedicated sock fan knows, is just the rest of the world catching up!  What the popularity of fancy tights means is that our suppliers are offering more options and we have more great styles to choose from!

Of course, I am not a runway model or a celebrity that gets driven around everywhere.  I have to deal with the still-too-cold-for-my-taste weather of February.  I’m guessing you do too, so remember, a gorgeous lace or net style is just as stunning (if not more so) layered over something like the Color Tights or the Foot Traffic Combed Cotton Tights.

Let’s start off with all the amazing options from Foot Traffic.  They offer some great textured tights, most with plus size options and some of them come in white even!

Clockwise from top: Narita Sheer & Opaque Tight, Brooklyn Mesh Flower Tight, Dublin Texture Tights, Paris Fleur-de-Lis Pantyhose, Nordic Texture Tights, Lima Texture Tights.


More lovely, lacy options after the jump!

Both of these stunning styles I know several of you are already rocking.  They’re some of our most popular Leg Avenue lacy tights (ooh, and keep an eye on our What’s New page throughout the year for more great openwork and lace styles from Leg Avenue).

Vintage Pinstripe Net Pantyhose
Baroque Lace Pantyhose


Lace and net aren’t the only ways to rock some gorgeous openwork.  There are several styles that our suppliers call “crochet” (which aren’t crochet, because socks are knit!) or that mimic the look of crochet styles that are just as lovely.

Codori Crochet Tights
Pothole Pantyhose
Patricia Merino Crochet Tights


Of course, these are all tights.  In our Lace collection we have so many more options, from just a touch of lace to entire stockings, thigh highs to anklets.

Bow Lace Stockings
Floral Lace Knee High
Open Crochet Crew


Every time the sun breaks through the clouds I start planning what socks I’m going to wear as soon as it’s warm enough.  Hopefully combining fancy-pants openwork with warmer layers will keep me satiated until spring. Are you layering lace in these last days of winter?