Whether or not the groundhog sees their shadow, it’s still cold and (at least here in Portland) gloomy.  And it will be for a while yet!  The prescription is warm things and bright things, to cheer you up and keep out the chill.

Layers are key to warmth, and the best first layer is something extra cozy, like fleece-lined tights or leggings.

• Lined Micro-Fleece Tights •
Fleece Lined Leggings

Warm and wooly socks in any height also go great lengths in keeping your toes toasty.

Lexy Wool Boucle Stripes
Cronert Ribbed Wool OTK
M Bootsocks

These and other warm and snuggly styles in our Warm! collection should take care of the physical downers of the season, but what about bright and cheery things to get you through sunless stretches?  Well, I’ve got some eye-dazzling options for you after the jump.

 Rainbows are an obvious option for a dash of colour, and these rainbows will help keep you warm too!

Tie Dyed Fingerless Gloves
Furry Rainbow Leg Warmer
Tubular Ladybug Socks (in rainbow!) •

For solid colours that come in a rainbow of hues, the Harajuku Super Loose Socks and the Acrylic Slouch Socks both have bright or sunny options.

And there’s always our Novelty Sock collection, with silly styles to make you smile, no matter the weather.

Smiley Faced Socks
Trifecta of All That Is Awesome Knee Highs
Loving Horses Crew


So don’t let these last dark days of winter get you down.  Start looking towards spring and keep warm until you get there!