Even if you’re not superstitious, looking at superstitions, omens and myths is kind of fun.  Today is a good excuse to give those Halloween socks an unseasonable day out, but even if you’re not into bats and skulls, there’s a sock to match your favourite superstition.

But it’s probably best to start out with a little luck.

Snappy Shamrock Garters
Sock It To Me Clover Knee High


Especially before any black cat crosses your path!

Superstitious socks after the jump!

There are cautionary superstitions, like not opening an umbrella inside the house, or catching and releasing spiders that you find inside, since killing them will bring rain.  The first one is good common sense, but I’ve never understood the correlation between spiders and rain (though I do escort spiders outside, even if they’re particularly menacing and I am maybe quietly shrieking a little bit).

Sock It To Me Rainy Day Knee Highs
Spider Crew


And then there are superstitions that you can’t do anything about, they just foretell dooooooooooom.  Such as, if an owl looks in your window or if you see one in the daylight it’s bad luck.  Poor owl, maybe they’re just trying to change up their routine!

Owl Tabi Socks
Owl & Stars Slipper Socks
Sock It To Me Owl Watch Crew


Birds in general seem to be bad omens, or complicated ones.  Seeing one crow is very unlucky, but then two mean good luck! Three is health, four means wealth; five is sickness and so on all the way up to ten?!


There’s about thirty-five crows on each sock of the Sock It To Me Crows Midcalf, for seventy total.  If you think the Sock It To Me Birds on a Wire are crows, it may help to know that there’s about fourteen on each sock.  Hey, they’re all multiples of seven, which is totally a lucky number!


Speaking of luck, there’s supposed to be protection against the evil eye from wearing eye symbols and patterns.  Do you think these socks have enough?


Eye Candy OTKs
Eyebrid Knee High (these are going away, so grab their luck while you can! •


I know that a lot of folks who play sports have superstitions about socks—either they don’t change them during a winning streak (to which I recommend the probable bacteria-inhibiting bamboo as a sock option if you’re going to do that) or they have lucky pairs.  Do you have a lucky pair of socks?  Or any sock superstitions?