A new year of socks is upon us and I know some folks are cutting things down or out as part of their plans for the new year.  But just because you’re not drinking as much beer any more doesn’t mean your feet can’t indulge!

Bottle & Pint Midcalves
Beer Knee Highs
Sock It To Me Beer Steins

That’s right, our Vices collection of socks is full of tempting treats for your toes.  And if beer isn’t your thing, we’ve got more for you after the jump!

If you drink fancier drinks we have your feet covered:

Martini Midcalf
Vodka Knee High

How about not indulging that sweet tooth so much?  At least your toes don’t have to worry about the dentist!

Cookie Knee Highs
Chocolate Knee Highs
Sock It To Me Cupcake Knee Highs

Maybe you’re abstaining from Meat (or delicious Bacon) and introducing some more Tofu into your life?

However you’re trying to improve your life with your resolutions, we wish you the best—just remember that your toes can indulge even if you can’t.  ;)