We’ve been seeing folks getting pretties for new year and holiday parties and since I wrote about our various sparkly styles last year­, I just had to this year too!  Maybe it’s not in time for your new year party, but the beginning of new year is a great time to start adding a little something extra to your wardrobe with socks and accessories.

Traditionally, you tell the new year who’s boss with something sparkly! I showed off a lot of our sparkle in last year’s post, but we have some new ways to shine the new year in.  The Lurex Leggings are just the right amount of shimmer that can be worn in a fun everyday outfit without being too crazy.  The Furry Lurex Leg Warmers, on the other hand, are pretty intense, but also super-duper warm.  And they swish pretty wonderfully when you walk.

Lurex Leggings
Furry Lurex Leg Warmers

In the vein of fun to wear but not necessarily something you can sneak into everyday wardrobe, the Rainbow Organza Tutu is amazing, and I think about all of us Dreamers who’ve tried it on have been compelled to skip around happily.  It’s a little blacklight reactive too!

But what about those of us who need some flash and fun for regular, every day wear? We’ve got some more sedate, but still fun options for you after the jump!

One word: layering.  With the new Color Tights, you have 17 fantastic shades to layer under geometric openwork styles.  These three styles would pop gorgeously over any colour.

Warning Net Pantyhose
Open Panel Tights
Open Crochet Over the Knee

If you’re a little bolder, then go for an animal print! Bold or subtle, animal print peeking out from beneath pants or under a skirt and legwarmers will make you feel awesome and look even awesomer!

Animal Stripe Over the Knee
Samara Animal Print Tights
Leopard Texture Leggings (on sale right now too!) •

What other fun things do we have to add some pizazz to your wardrobe for the new year?  Well, digging through our Accessories collections, there are definitely some fun options that you might have missed.

The Jeanie Arm Warmers have a wee pocket that isn’t really big enough to be super useful, but is big enough to get your brain cooking with things you could put in it.

The Snappy Star Garters are not only a sparkly, starry new year-appropriate look, they’re useful! (but also: sparkly!)

These are just a few of the fun fancies that we’re filled with.  Get ready for your new year and drop us a line if you want any help figuring out what awesome, new, socky goodness to add to 2012!