Whew, we’re in the last stretch of December’s holidays, I hope that you’ve all made it this far in one piece!  If you’ve still got presents to give and no time left for them to ship, don’t forget that you can give a gift card in an instant with our email gift certificates!  You can choose from five different themes, including a gorgeous Solstice design that matches the theme of our site right now!

Along with the month, we’re almost through with the year!  It’s crazy how fast 2011 seemed to go and I don’t know about you, but I still can’t quite believe that it’ll be 2012 in a little over a week. I also know that I fully plan on rewarding myself with a sock or two that I’ve been coveting this winter season.

You may think you have socks you’re super desirous of, but when you are around socks all day, getting to touch them and see all of the nearly thousand styles we carry—well, you should see the wishlists some Dreamers knocked out as soon as the option was available.  I asked my fellow Dreamers what socky delights they’ve been eyeing and will probably pick up before the end of the year.  They were more than happy to share, ‘cause well—we all love socks here! So sit back and get ready to scroll through some delightful sock goodness.  Consider it a mini vacation of pretty.

My favorite socks this season are the Cronert Wooly Rainbows . . . if I was going to treat myself with one pair for making it through this year it would be another pair of those. . . they are super snuggly, soft and really pretty to look at. I have washed and dried mine in the machine, despite the warnings against that, and they came out perfect, soft and stretchy as ever.... they are like little wooly clouds emitting rainbows.”

By now I have them all, but I was coveting the heck out of all of the mooses and deers.”  When asked if it was because of the antlers they replied, “Yes. I must have all the power of antler.”

Knitted Moose Crews
Reindeer Rollltop Crews
Wooly Deer Crews

I've been wanting to try the O Rayons FOREVER because they feel so silky soft-- I just haven't been able to decide on a color to start with; they're all beautiful!” (I think they should go for Blueberry! It’s my favourite, though I’m also super partial to the Lichen.)

More Dreamer covets and socks worth rewarding yourself with after the jump!

"After the Xmas mayhem is over I'm definitely going to treat myself to the new Tabbisocks Lined Micro-Fleece Tights and a pair of Bunch o' Pansies OTK in black. They will look great with my new black party dress, and keep me plenty warm!"

I'm all about the Dahlgren's Expedition Knee Highs for warmth, comfort, and outdoor adventuring.”

I'm kinda all about the Dahlgrens right now. I have to agree, the Expedition KHs look so dreamy! And, as always, me LOVES the Biella Ginger KHs! I will most definitely be treating myself to a pair or two of them as well. Yum!”

Once I got them going, it was hard to get them to stop!  Like I said, we’re kinda into socks.

Cronert Ojos de Dios, Cronert Chain Texture OTK, Cronert Multistripe OTK, Portland Stripe Tights, Extraordinary Striped Thigh Highs, aaaand Fleece Lined Leggings. To start with.

mmm...crooooonerts. Pinstripe Heraldry and Ojos. oh, oh! and those Hansel from Basel Silk Thigh Highs. *swoon*”

Cronert Shadow Brocade OTKs ALL THE COLORS, Breaux Alpaca Beehive Knit Long Fingerless Gloves in Turquoise, MP lightly ribbed wool OTKs.”

“I heart my Laurels . . . I'm gonna get more oh! & you know how I love layering my tights.”

The styles are as varied and different as we all are but the one way they’re all the same is in supreme comfort and quality.  We like to treat ourselves right (and you should too!).  I hope our favourites will help inspire you to get yourself something special.

What about me?  Well, although I have bad luck with most wool, I do okay with angora.  I’ve been eyeing the Rose Garden Knee Highs for a while and I think I’m going to take the plunge.

What socks are you coveting?  Are you going to pick up something for yourself this holiday season (or have you already)?