Before we dive into fun and fancy present ideas, let’s give you the numbers.  Based on the information we have from the United States Postal Service, International and Military mail have run out of time to get things shipped to their destinations before December 25th.  But for you US residents who want to use our free First Class USPS shipping, you’ll want to get your order in by the afternoon of this Monday, December 19th to be safe.  USPS may tell us the 20th is the last day for First Class shipping, but when you’re wanting to be timely, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

For things being sent via USPS Priority mail (which is an extra $5, and free for orders totalling over $50) USPS is telling us the 21st, but you’ll want to make your order by the afternoon of this Tuesday, December 20th to ensure your order arrives in time.

Extra special rush deliveries shipping USPS Express (for $22, which includes insurance) that need to arrive by December 25th need to be made before noon on December 22nd, though again you’ll be safer if you make your order on Wednesday the 21st.  All of our prices and expected time for delivery is on our Shipping Information page.

So, even if you’re using our free First Class shipping, you have all weekend to browse and find just the right treats for your loved ones (or yourself).  And I know a couple of styles that are perfect gifts for a winter holiday.

The Cronert Button Up Legwarmers are not only cozy and chic, they’re crazy soft and will be one of those pretty presents that a person can’t stop touching.

More snuggly suggestions after the jump and some shopping tips too!

A wonderfully warm wool sock that does well for lots of feet and personal tastes are the O Woolies.  Two foot sizes, over the knee for some folks, a great cuffed knee high for others and available in sedate neutrals and eye-popping purples, they’re a great all-around gift.

Speaking of wool, the Laurel Snowflake Knee High is a lovely option for a winter gift, with a sweater-style snowflake pattern that looks so amazing on.

For wool sensitive feet up to Men’s US size 10, the Diamond Rib Knee Highs are a great bet, like the other kilt socks we carry they work equally nicely under a skirt or trousers.

What I know I want (and may buy myself in the spirit of the season) are the Hansel from Basel Silk Thigh Highs.  We don’t have very many and quantities are limited, so get them while you can!  They’re gorgeous stockings that feel nice, look nice and would make anybody feel their fanciest when wearing them.

With the wonderful new wishlists, you may have a smart head start on gifts for your loved ones, or for letting others know what you want!  For those of us on tighter budgets this year, use the wonderful sorting options on our site to start your search—choosing to sort a section from “low to high” puts the tempting big-ticket items at the end of the display.

And don’t forget our Zap! and Sale sections.  When you check the “Gift invoice” box on the Shipping Options page of checkout, it will hide prices on the invoice, so your lucky recipient won’t know what you laid down for them.

If you’re leaving a gift note, make sure you enter it in the bottom box on this page (it pops up once you check “Gift invoice”), that makes your message one of the most prominent things on the invoice, so they don’t miss out on your wonderful words.

Now remember, you’ve got all weekend, but if you want to take advantage of our free First Class USPS shipping, get your order in by the afternoon of this Monday, December 19th.