The Stocking Stuffer collection is full of seasonal and thoughtful styles to give you a jumping off point for whatever little socky gifts you’re giving this year.  The end of the calendar year is full of gift giving holidays, like Christmas, Hanukah and even Saturnalia.  Besides, any December birthdays deserve a little gift of their own, instead of being rounded into holiday presents.

Nothing is quite as cozy as a winter sweater and sweater patterns and knits abounded this year, they’re a fun gift—the hectic patterns of a holiday sweater become beautiful on the smaller canvas of a sock.

Black Forest Crew
Sock It To Me Tacky Christmas Sweater
Wooly Deer Crew

Wee baby socks are great gifts too, especially for new families, and a couple of our favourites are tucked among the stocking stuffers (though it’s worth peeking through Kids & Baby too, there’s bunches more!). You can also check out last year’s post about socks for family feet for more ideas!

Baby Vaggio Angora Socks
Penguin Baby Socks
Argyle Baby Booties

More spotlight styles in our Stocking Stuffer collection after the jump!

Sometimes the best gift is the thing a person wouldn’t get themselves.  Three of the most expensive styles in the Stocking Stuffer collection are perfect for situations that call for just one, very nice, gift.  And those Orkney Angora Wrist Warmers are probably my most used go-to recommendation for a gift that anyone will love.

Polonova Velvet Wrist Warmers
Geared Up Garters
Orkney Angora Wrist Warmers

Little things, that can be tucked into the tiniest stocking, are also great gifts.  They’re also novelty items (though for more novel styles, check out our Novelty Socks collection!), something fun and different to add a little spark to your gifts this season.

Pretty Bow Stretch Socks
Star Laces
Boot Cuff Warmer

There are more styles in the Stocking Stuffer collection and hundreds more all through our site.  Are you giving the gift of cozy toes this year?