I love doing these colour wheels, they’re such a great way to dive right into the socks of the season!

Well, not the socks, but the fingerless gloves!  Arm warmers don’t quite cut it in cold temperatures, but fingerless gloves like the Acrylic Fingerless Shorties are a great way to keep those fingers warm and still stylish and free to pick up things without fumbling.

(from top right, going clockwise: Peacock, Purple, Vintage Flower, Rust, Marigold, Avocado)

Socks after the jump! And there are some totally scrumptious ones too.

And there’s few socks more perfect for winter than the New Zealand Bedsocks from Outer Gear.  In solids, stripes, dots and hearts, there’s something for everybody who wants one of the cosiest bed socks we carry!  And they even come with tread bottoms, for a little security with your softness.

(from top right, going clockwise: stripes in Denim w/Apple, dots in Purple w/Hot Pink, hearts in Red w/White, Chocolate, dots in Winter White w/Apple, Forest)

Now, if you want total winter wonderful, I’m going to have to say that the Gregorio Wool Bootsocks are going to be your best bet.  Better for bigger feet (Label says they fit men's shoe size 8-13.  We find they fit down to US women's shoe 8.5 comfortably, just a little loose at the toes), they’re supremely cushy and cozy at 38% virgin wool, with a luxurious touch of cashmere. These guys totally make me sad that I can't wear wool.

We just got our shots of the new colours up and there is a real rainbow of shades and neutrals in these scrumptious socks!  I took some quick snaps to spin together some rainbows for you that showed their gorgeous texture.  The Gregorio colours are rich and cool, perfect for winter.

And their neutrals and browns are just as luxe and lovely.

So, what colours do you use to keep warm as it begins to get frosty out?