We saw the last of the old Rock Socks labels out the door not too long ago and just recently ushered in a bunch of new, made in the USA, styles from this wordy, nerdy brand (Geek, Naughty & Nice and Chocolate are the latest!).  They’re one of our favourites, partially because we have so much fun with their backstock.  Below I’ve got a couple snaps of our Gumball Poodle backstock boxes.  I will admit that sometimes we put things in boxes together because they’re funny rather than because they’re more efficient.

‘Cause who doesn’t want some Wicked Whiskey this time of year?

Wicked Knee Highs
Whiskey Knee Highs

And I so want to see what a Zombie Heavy Metal Derby involves!

Zombie Knee Highs
Heavy Metal Knee Highs
Derby Knee Highs

A couple more after the jump!

“Evil Nerd” must mean that there’s a mad scientist in this box!

Evil Knee Highs
Nerd Knee Highs

And, saving the best for last, this one cracks us up pretty regularly.  So, is a “Ninja Mazel Tov Bitch” a deadly, celebrating lady or is this something you say in an action-film scenario?

Ninja Knee Highs
Mazel Tov Knee Highs
Bitch Knee Highs

What are some of your favourite Gumball Poodle phrases? Do you rock mis-matching socks so you can tell folks that you’re a Derby Queen?