A popular look that we’ve been seeing and being asked about lately are taller socks that are stretchy enough to go over skinny jeans and scrunch down under knee high and midcalf boots.  Regular slouch socks just don’t cut it, they’re often too short to get the right amount of scrunch going above the boot.

Of course, the first thing we thought of were the Harajuku Super Loose.  I know I talk about them all the time on the Sock Journal, but they’re a really versatile sock!  And they’ve got enough stretch and height to work well over trousers and under boots.

Another two styles that popped into our heads right away when brainstorming socks for this look were the Ribbed M Stockings and the Long Cuffable Scrunchables.  They’ve both got a lot of length (the Ribbed M are over 45 inches!) and wonderful ribbing that keeps them where you scrunch them.  I also like that they’re thick enough that any weird wrinkles that happen from pulling them up over your jeans won’t show.

If you want an extra kick of warmth, the Cronert Ribbed Wool OTK are the perfect option.  They’re not fond of staying up on their own anyhow, so wearing them over trousers and under boots is what they’re made for!

Shorter styles and some non-sock options after the jump and a couple tips for finding just the right socks for rocking this look!

Not everybody wants to rock tall boots, so what socks give the right amount of scrunch above mid-calf styles?  We’ve got three that are just about perfect:

Coarse Knit Knee High
Bess Cashmere Slouch Rib Knee Sock
Longer Thicker Slouch Socks

The key to finding the right sock height for your slouching needs is to choose a style one coverage level taller than where you want the scrunched sock to end up. So, if you want socks scrunched below your knee to midcalf, choose knee highs that cuff, or look for the phrase “knee socks”.  Those couple of extra inches will give you just the right amount of extra scrunch.  And if you want your socks to scrunch to the knee and above, go for over the knee and thigh high styles.

Thicker socks work best, but if you get a long enough sock, like the Super Ms, then there will be enough scrunch to hide any wrinkles in the jeans underneath.

And it’s not just socks that can help you get this look.  I personally think it’s easiest to achieve with leg warmers!  My favourite style for this are the Super Long Ribbed Leg Warmers.  They’re totally stretchy enough to go over pants, and that way you can still wear your favourite socks while rocking this look.

So, have you been swept up by the scrunched socks over jeans, under boots look?  It’s definitely a wonderfully warm option for winter and we’re of course pretty stoked that showing off some slouchy socks is catching on. J