Unless you choose 2 Day Express by the end of the day today (Friday the 28th), you probably won’t get your socks in time for Halloween on Monday (check out our shipping info page and give us a call if you have questions, we know how important socks are this time of year) But don’t worry! There are two costume socks you can DIY yourself, if you need a last-minute finishing touch for your costume.  In both these DIY I’m using the O Basics, but any plain sock will work perfectly.

Skeleton Socks!

If you need something like the Kawaii Skeleton OTK, all you need is a pair of black socks, a paintbrush and some white acrylic paint (like craft paint).  This one is easier to do if you put the socks on (it’s even easier if you have someone help you, though!).  Keep in mind, some paint will leak through to your leg, but that’s the beauty of craft paint, it washes off.

Using our image of the Kawaii Skeleton OTK or an image of leg bones as a guide, paint some bones on your socks. If you’re not comfortable freehanding, use a piece of chalk or a white eye liner to draw some guides before you paint.  The result is much more like an x-ray, which I kind of like!

Not too hard!  But if you want an even easier option, you can DIY your own version of a very popular stocking we sold out of way too fast this season.  That and more after the jump (believe me, you want to see what other Halloweeny goodness I have to share)!

Bloody Zombie Socks!

We sold out of the Bloody Zombie Thigh Highs in a blink and their supplier, Leg Avenue, didn’t have any more to send us.  But no worries, you can DIY your own!  They’re even easier than the skeleton socks, though they’re definitely messier.  If it’s not too cold, it’s probably better to do this outside.  You’ll need red acrylic paint and a pair of white socks. I’m a baby about the cold, so I’m doing this carefully inside with newspaper. If you want more realistic splatter, then add a little purple and brown to your red paint.  Whatever colours you use, add a touch of water and mix it in so the paint is runny.

Now just spatter the paint on!  You might want to practice on some blank paper first to make sure you like the effect.  You can use sticks, brushes and your fingers to hurl the paint at the socks. What’s nice is, if you spill, it still looks perfect.

Gross!  And awesome.  Pair these babies with some artfully torn clothes and stumble about for the full zombie effect.  Or strap on some stakes and you’re a vampire/monster hunter!

We just could not predict that the Bloody Zombie Thigh Highs would be so popular!  Every year we have to make a guess as to what Halloween costumes are going to be popular, so we can have the socks you need.  In the time I’ve worked at Sock Dreams, one costume started out super popular but has become less common over the years.  Strawberry Shortcake, with her green and white striped stockings, just isn’t as popular as she used to be, poor thing.  Which means that the Plush Strawberry & Bow Thigh Highs we stocked up just for Halloween have been sadly sitting there all month.

So sad! Well, not for you.  They’ve been marked down from $8 to $6, so we can clear them out! They’re seasonal, so you’ll probably see them again next year at full price, but grab a pair now while they’re on sale!

Speaking of key socks for costumes, our very first video is about just that.  Yes! Sock Dreams has made an adorable video about socks for costumes and Halloween.  You can see it here, on our fledgling YouTube channel!

Whew, lots of info, but lots of great info.  Remember, we love seeing how your costumes turn out, so share them with us on Facebook, especially if you decide to try these DIYs.  Have a fun and safe Halloween!