Our seasonal Halloween collection has plenty of spooky options from styles with hints of Halloween to spectacularly skeletal styles.

Gumball Poodle (the recently renamed Rock Socks) has some straightforward seasonal options, the only bummer is that there’s no way to wear all three, so you can be an EVIL WICKED ZOMBIE!!!  Which is way better than just a wicked zombie or an evil zombie.

Evil Knee High
Wicked Knee High
Zombie Knee High

Speaking of zombies, there’s the quietly creepy Zombie Knee Socks and Zombie Midcalf—under pants or a long skirt they just look like black socks, but you’ll know they’re scarred, scary and super undead.

More spooky styles after the jump!

Bats! They’re almost necessary for haunted houses and the same goes for your legs (haunted legs, ooooh!).  If the Bat Attack Knee Highs or the Kawaii Bats Over Your Knees are too batty for you then try spooking up your shoes with the Bat Laces.

While we’re talking spooky, these next styles might be too scary for arachnophobes, but folks who love spiders should dig these creepy-crawly socks.

Sock It To Me Spiders Knee Highs
Spider Crews
Spider Web Knee Highs

And you can’t have spiders without webs!

Spiderweb Thigh High (also available in a tight!)•
Sheer Spiderweb Arm Warmer


Now, we don’t make any bones about how much we like skeletal styles and we try not to lose our heads over every style with skulls.  But these three are probably my favourite:

Sock It To Me Day of the Dead Knee Highs
Skull & Crossbones Sock Garters
Gothic Skull Over the Knees

Those are just some of the styles in our Halloween collection.  What socks do you rock in Halloween solidarity during the month of October and throughout the year to bring a little spooky to the every day?

Remember, Halloween is coming up so check out our costume posts and get your order in soon so you’ll get it in time for the holiday!