Just like the pair of knee highs that pull an entire outfit together, there are key socks for certain costumes that make people go “perfect!” instead of “who?”  We’ve gathered some of our favourites for you to start out this month of costumes and disguises.

Now, when you see someone in a sharp suit—maybe with leather jacket—a fedora and patent black dress shoes, you might be thinking that’s one well-dressed fellow but how’s that a costume?  But add a pair of white socks like the EG Smith Socklings in White (and make sure the hem of those pants is just short enough to show them off!)  and you know it’s the King of Pop, Michael Jackson!

(If you’re going for Billie Jean video accuracy, you’ll want a pink sock to match your shirt, like the Bastia Comfort Top Crew)

A dark red pleated skirt, orange sweater and thick framed glasses is just nerdy-cute, but add cuffed orange knee socks like the O Rayon Flax Blend in Carrot or the O Basics in Sherbet (whichever matches the sweater best) and you’re Velma Dinkley of Scooby-Doo!

A couple more key sock suggestions after the jump!

A green tunic and a jaunty cap with a feather in it could be just Robin Hood without pants unless you add green tights like the Opaque Tights in Kelly or Lime.  That’s when it comes together and you’re Peter Pan!

White shirt and pants could be southern gentleman or someone who doesn’t realise it’s well after labour day.  But once you throw the iconic bowler in there and add some Basic Suspenders in White you’re one of the deadly Droogs of A Clockwork Orange.

In a gingham dress and pinafore, with a bright yarn wig you're obviously dolled up, but which doll?  Red and white striped socks like the Lycra Acrylic Striped Thigh Highs, the Leg Avenue Striped Tights or the Super Stripes make it clear that you're Raggedy Ann.

Still not quite the costume you’re looking for? Maybe last year’s costume post will help spark an idea, or drop us a line so we can help you find just the right sock to finish your perfect costume.