Web designer extraordinaire Olivia has done it again with this month's fabulous new theme for Halloween!

This theme is so sweet we may be tempted to keep it up past the end of the month and to celebrate the season of playing dress up, or just showing off our favorite autumn outfits, we're adding new items for fall just as fast as we can (which, try as we might, never seems fast enough) including several new items for our ever growing Halloween section...

My personal favorite from this latest batch of Halloween goodies are the Candy Corn socks...
Based on our classic "striped knees" DreaM Stockings
*made exclusively for us in the USA using recycled cotton*

this version won't be around long so if you love the bright colors grab a pair while you can.
...but worry not, we're getting a darker version soon that should last us all the way til winter creeps in.

And when winter does creep in, me and my dogs are going to stay nice and cozy no matter what our crazy Portland weather throws at us!